The Palace Park

The Palace Park

Friday, 25 September 2009

Back in the Saddle

Dear Fanglet

So, here we are back in London. Surprisingly, there has been sunshine every day since our return. The British Isles are not known for being sunny, so I feel particularly blessed after being spoiled by the weather in Croatia and Montenegro.

I had a lovely time. The weather was balmy, the Adriatic a twinkling jewel box of sapphire and and aquamarine. I ate and ate and ate. I walked and walked and walked. And I napped and napped and napped.  Theresa was a great traveling companion, driving most of the time and being very patient with me and my bladder as we demanded frequent stops because Pee! often becomes the most important and pressing thing in my world.

My tummy is not overly large but I am starting to not be able to button trousers that would go over my belly and though I don't look pregnant from behind, the bump is taking shape.

Your Aunt Anna has kindly started to supply me with maternity clothes and is also plotting to make sure that you are well provided for both in kit and clothing. I'm on the fence about knowing gender and I'm on the fence about having you tested for spina bifida and for Downs Syndrome because it wouldn't make a whit of difference to me. You're mine and I'm in it for the long haul.

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  1. oh how fun! could we be waiting until late april to find out your gender? although, fanglet...Auntie Cindy (that's me) knows you are a girl! tell your mama not to worry about all those tests. they are quite invasive and we know you are a perfect pumpkin no matter what!!!