The Palace Park

The Palace Park

Monday, 30 November 2009

198 miles to go

Dear Fang

This weekend we went to Leeds for a belated Thanksgiving dinner with people whom I hope we will see more of, especially since Leeds is only 198 miles away.

One major cultural difference I've noticed through my years here is how the British (and this is all-encompassing cultural comment) have such a different sense of distance and travel. At home, people I know (including myself) rarely think anything of driving 3-6 hours for an overnight. But here, people don't really think along those lines.  In fact, when I said I was going to Leeds for the night, people were a bit shocked.

We spent the evening eating gorgeous food and goofing around with 4 really great kids, and catching up.  I can't comment on what Leeds is like as a city because we didn't spend much time there. But I'm looking forward to exploring Yorkshire more once you arrive.

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