The Palace Park

The Palace Park

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Almost Perfect

Items I didn't really think would enter my vocaubulary (mainly because I wasn't thinking of them):

Breast pads
Disposable Underwear
Breast Pumping
Lactation Consultant. 

Call me crazy, but I'd always thought of myself as more of a 'wet nurse' kind of gal. 

Of course, I also thought I'd never be sporting a 36-FF bra, so I guess it's a learning curve for all.

This week, I've recovered from my cold (sort of) and registered your father and I for pre-natal course with the National Childbirth Trust.  We've opted for the 'boot camp' version of the course, a 2.5 day extravaganza of baby-training as opposed to the 2-hours-over-8-weeks option.  I just really could not wrap my mind around 8 weeks of fluffy when 2.5 days will give me the same information.  This does not come without potential for trouble and it brings to mind an episode of 'Almost Perfect,' this TV show that was on in the mid-90s that starred Nancy Travis.  The episode I'm thinking of is one where Travis' character is forced to learn to relax and goes on an intensive yoga course that goes awry.  Indeed.

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