The Palace Park

The Palace Park

Friday, 13 November 2009

The strangest thing I find about being pregnant is how quickly my body changes. I mean, 40 weeks is one thing, but the changes occur so quickly. . . overnight, in some cases. Already, I've grown into a 36 F bra. This, mind you, is from a 32C.

I've been a bit down,  Fang. Just rather listless. Any nesting instinct that is supposed to kick in hasn't done so yet. In fact, the only instinct that has kicked in is the desire to nap. I go to bed about 9pm and then wake up at 2am, lying in bed as I stare at the ceiling, daydreaming idly. At some point, I suppose I'll get up and start doing something -- reading for school or maybe organizing the kitchen.  I do have a list. And I have those lovely pills that keep the toothier, meaner demons at bay. And ginger snaps.

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