The Palace Park

The Palace Park

Thursday, 7 January 2010

But Baby Its Cold Outside

Regardless of whether you're a Johnny Mercer/Margaret Whiting fan or Louis Jordan/Ella Fitzgerald fan, come on; 'But Baby Its Cold Outside' is a great number.  One of the songs that you've been getting a lot of lately is 'Life is so Peculiar,' a duet that Jordan did with Louis Armstrong. But baby, it is cold outside, and we're hunkering down with apple cinnamon tea and lots of blankets.

We were going to Florida, where a box of goodies including a few new maternity dresses and your bedroom curtains, were going to be waiting for us.  Mama does love Restoration Hardware's curtains and when we looked at the price of made-to-measure here and the fabric choices, well, we just decided we'd rather have the ones we knew we liked.  Your room, which will be getting a bit of a work over this weekend when we bring home your Moses basket (a precursor to your living in a van down by the river, of course) and a few other bits and pieces home.

Our trip to Florida has been postponed primarily because I have enough fluid in my uterus to irrigate a desert nation. A small desert nation, to be sure, but kid, if this stuff could be desalinated, sterilized and reused, you wouldn't have to worry about your college fund.  I'm just saying. . .  This condition -- apparently -- is called Polyhydramnios and can be nothing or something and my doctors, well, they have no freaking clue.  Literally.  In fact, Mr F, the OB, looked positively downtrodden when he got my gestational diabetes results which were negative.  It would have, he said, explained everything. And now nothing is explained.

Remind me to have your Oma tell you the story of what they had to through to get my birth abroad registered.  It will be fun for you.  Honest.

Anyway, this excessive fluid makes me look between 4-6 weeks more pregnant than I am and could be our way to to meet early.  Not that I am in a hurry, poppit.  You need to cook a bit more.  Honest.  There will be loads that I lie to you about over the course of your life: the tooth fairy, Santa, the Screaming Latke, the Great Pumpkin, but is not one of those things.  You need to chill out, stay put, and make sure your little kidneys are processing.  Mama will work on decreasing the water.

I allowed myself 1 day of intense self-pity over not going to see your Gigi. But I bounce back quickly and besides, I have some complaint letters to write and a dissertation to step up the pace on, so we'll just take it easy and rock n' roll. 

Josephine is, by the way, ecstatic that we're staying home. 

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