The Palace Park

The Palace Park

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Dear Fanglet -

Welcome to 2010.  There is a blue moon out tonight, which is most exciting.  And we are safely snug at home on an witchingly cold night, which is also exciting, at least for me.

Last night your father and I stayed in.  In years past, we have thrown parties or attended parties but this year, I felt it more my speed to stay home and take a nice bath.  I took your Auntie W to see a play (Jersey Boys, which was very good) and to a nice ladies' lunch at the Critterion, which is just a gorgeous venue.  Beautiful ceilings and lovely atmosphere. It was a great day but it left me wiped out and I was grateful for bed.

Today, we tidied and tidied in preparation for a new year and people coming for brunch.  We also began the 2nd series of SLINGS AND ARROWS, a very cleverly done CBC series with Paul Gross (he was in a fab show called 'due South' about a Royal Canadian Mountie who gets stationed in Chicago; a great series.  You'll learn to love it.   We then went over to Miss Z and Mr B's for Shabbat dinner.  Beef Wellington and a gorgeous floating chocolate cake.

We're going to Florida this Friday to visit your Gigi Lo, which shall be a lark.  She spends winters in Florida at this park called Crystal Lake and it is heaven because it is one of these places where grandchildren (and great-grandchildren) can do no wrong.  We are like Infants of Prague, moving through the community, feted and adored.  I think we can handle a week of adoration, pettest, don't you?

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