The Palace Park

The Palace Park

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Wherein Once Again We Have Baffled the Medical Establishment

Dearest Little Fanglet

And so here we are, in between hospital trips.  We've just finished a trip to UCH and are now preparing to go to North Middlesex Hospital to leave not one but TWO urine samples, because you know. . .  one isn't enough.

But the news me, you, your father, and the people who love you want to know is thus: you have no genetic abnormalities (confirmed by a fax from Homerton Hospital to UCH today), no chromosomal abnormalities, no limb discrepancies, and no reason for the abnormal amounts of fluid that are distending my belly and making it look like a team of crack feline assassins have been using my stomach as a scratching post.

And we got some groovy 3D images of you.

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  1. Nothing so interesting as a mystery? Glad to hear that everything, other than your carrying an olympic sized swimming pool for wee Fanglet, looks good.