The Palace Park

The Palace Park

Monday, 8 February 2010

Hot Potato

So, there will be a series of small posts over the next few days, but the most pressing (in my mind) is how I've become a hot potato.  I've been 'signed off' work for 'rest' (as ambiguous and undefined as it sounds. Not 'bed rest' mind, just 'rest') and as a result my work has decided (if I am objective, I say, rightly -- to a degree) that having me on site without further clarification other than a circled option on a statutory form.  I, too, would like clarification. The irony being that the Doctors are happy to have me run from hospital to hospital with nary a concern for how I get there but at the mention of sitting at my desk they get all broody and 'oooh, yikes. We couldn't possibly make a claim about working; you need to negotiate that with your management,'  to which management replies 'oooh, yikes. We couldn't possibly allow you to do ANY work with out further clarification

Because, you know, keeping a woman trapped at home and allowing her out only to tell her you now think there is something DEFINITELY wrong with her child is a great way to keep her sane.

Quackers. The world has gone quackers. And the wallpaper? It is indeed yellow.

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