The Palace Park

The Palace Park

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Late nights are here to stay

Dear Fanglet

So, here we are: another day, another dollar.  Your father and I are almost through the complete series of The Wire, so heaven only knows what we'll move on to after that.  We've also been watching a great many Korean horror movies, but they are getting to be a too intense for me at the moment, so I think it will be back to 'Pride and Prejudice' for me. 

This week has been really low-key.  We've gone to the library, the garden centre, Crouch End to go for a short walk up the high street with your Auntie E, and today I ventured into town to have lunch with the nice woman who has been filling in with me whilst I've been out ill.  In every instance, I have had to come home and collapse like a limp rag which leads to me believe that a) perhaps the lovely Miss Govind at North Mid was onto something when she said I should be resting; b) All those years I didn't sleep are catching up with me; and c) we really need to train Josephine to NOT lay right across my legs.  They impede my ability to go to the loo.  The trip into town for lunch today had me down for the count for about 4 hours.  The downside? Now I can't really sleep.

In other news, I was put on a course of 'new' antibiotics tha I would say have only slightly worked.  Plus, they make me slightly nauseous, which is a bit rich, given that I often already nauseous.

On the other hand, you're busier than I have felt you being in a while (I guess that Olympic size pool wasn't as soon as we thought), so I won't whinge too much.  Now that we're at week 31, I kind of feel like any discomfort I have that doesn't involve a high protein count or draining fluid out of my uterus is par for the course.  I'm also kind of waiting for the whole nesting instinct to kick in, because the house is a bit out of control for my liking. 

Tomorrow is our weekly appointment at UCHL.  The excitement is overwhelming, I know.  I can feel your little feet hammering on my ribcage in anticipation.

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