The Palace Park

The Palace Park

Sunday, 29 August 2010

You hurt me bad. Real Bad. Love don't live here anymore.

So, I think Chris Rock is one of the sexiest creatures ever put on this earth. And he's funny. Damned funny. And seriously, who doesn't love BAD COMPANY?

On Sunday, I went to work. I needed to see for myself just how spectacularly people hadn't covered for me whilst I was away. 'Ceiling leaking? Don't tell me, that's HER job. Don't want to know about the cleaners, even though. . . ' On Monday, I went work. I toiled. Threw up blood in the sink, toiled some more. And all the while, got more disillusioned and frustrated with not having the tools or the knowledge I needed to get MY job done. My job, which was to facilitate a larger group's abilities to get their job done. On Tuesday, I come back from looking at flats to discover that not only had someone dropped a meeting in my calendar without sending me an invite, they also had decided - having hung up on me - that I wasn't worth talking to because they had people in their office.

And that's when the laundry list of frustations and bewilderment came to a head. And I realized the following:

a) I do not need to work in a place where it is ever considered appropriate for an individual to be sexually harassed.

b) Start-ups run by people who have more money than common sense and that are no longer start-ups but companies in their middle adolescence are not the right environment for me, especially when the only by-product is money.

c) I do not want going to jail for someon make else's refusal to abide by laws - regardless of how frustrating and piddly they may seem - to ever be a possible side-effect of my job.

d) Recruitment and Human Resources are not interchangeable and

and - finally -

e) When you spend every day before, after, and during work fighting back tears not because you've lost a child or because your stomach feels like it has scorching pinballs but because you've got a list of things that you've been trying to push through for 2 YEARS and no one listens, then you've gotta go.

I gave notice, we tentatively worked out a handover plan and then the US came online and the head of HR went through motions about 'taking things seriously,' and 'we'll get these addressed,' and the only thing I could think of to say in response was 'You knew all of this was going on, some it for years, and you did not address it one whit. You have not addressed it, and I know that once I'm gone, you're still not going to address these things, or what this place is on the verge of becoming. So. Please. Save us both the bullshit.'

And I left. And it felt good. And damn. . . it still does.

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